Our Story

Maici Lefebre, CEO and founder of Le5 Cosmetics


Le5 cosmetics was born in a cute little air bnb in December 2021 while the founder Maici Lefebvre, was supposed to be on vacation but being a self proclaimed work- a- holic she created an entirely new business plan! (fun fact! Lefebvre is actually pronounced Le Five, thus giving the perfect name for the brand!)

The idea came from the sad reality that most cosmetic price points aren’t created with everyday people in mind but priced as a luxurious item that can have people choosing between gas for their car or their fave mascara! We believe that people should be able to comfortably have both!

We wanted to create a brand with the concept of inclusion in more than just race and gender. Makeup is for everyone. Every age, race, gender and financial background.

During our market research we discovered a hole in the cosmetics industry. 80% of people between the age of 19-45 can’t afford good quality professional makeup and in our research we discovered that most high end makeup doesn’t include healthy, nourishing ingredients but are often produced in mass labs with harmful or “fluff” ingredients that have no solid benefits to the skin with little thought to the future long term health of the consumer.

We wanted to create something different. Our vision is to create a brand that not only cares about their clients but provides a product that is universally available to everyone. Sourced and formulated in Canada to ensure we can keep our prices sustainable to us as well as our customers, Le5 cosmetics labs use plant based ingredients heavily backed by science to create professional level products free from harmful cancer causing ingredients, common allergens, environmentally friendly, gluten and never tested on animals.